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“Received my bobby pins and hair ties today! So stoked. Where have you been my whole life??? I can't believe this fantastic idea hasn't been done before.”
Jenny | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“I've already signed up and gotten them- [they’re] actually the best hair ties ever!”
Katelyn | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“So I've been getting these for a few months now. I have thick hair and I've always had the problem of twice isn't tight enough but it won't do three. But not with these. I love them!”
Makayla | Dollar Hair Co. Member 

“Great idea, I look forward to upping my monthly delivery. Good luck in the future.”
Jessica | Dollar Hair Co. Member 

“I dont know how you guys aren't so much bigger, I love what you're doing.”
Susan | Dollar Hair Co. Member

Charlotte | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“A subscription that I actually need”
Maddison | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“I’m actually using one of these hair ties right now & its my favourite one ever.”
Bianca | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Best invention ever.”
Maddi | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Thank you for my first order of hair ties and Bobby pins. I was extremely happy with my order so thank you so much”
Amy | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Seriously, how perfect is this … because I am THAT girl that is forever loosing these in the far away magical corner of the house. Best idea ever!! ”
Helen | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“No idea where my millions of hair ties run away to … but I no longer care. For $2 a month I get hair ties delivered straight to my desk! I love getting my mail!”
Emma | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Loving my monthly addition of Dollar Hair Co. always there to save the day!”
Lily | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Dollar Hair Co have nailed it with this one! Monthly hair tie and bobby pin deliveries are exactly what these girls need! Kudos!”
Molly | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Never a hair out of place with Dollar Hair Co! #youvegotmail”
Maddie | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Yess! No more desperate searching for bobby pins!”
Rachael | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Just got my first Dollar Hair Co package! Delivered straight to my door. Literally couldn’t be happier!”
Grace | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Smiling because I’ll never run out of hair ties/clips again thanks to Dollar Hair Co’s monthly deliveries!”
Shayla | Dollar Hair Co. Member

“Awwmagawd!! So excited. Never have to worry about hair ties or Bobby pins again!!”
Kate | Dollar Hair Co. Member